The Plane of Cold Steel Bars

One week ago
The meeting

Journal Entry 385

Ermicel has chosen a few people. I have visited all of the men and women that he has picked, and told them that they are the chosen ones for this journey. They are the definition of a rag-tag team of adventurers, but they have spirit. I have given them the bare details: they will be traveling through a strange, frozen land, to fight a battle against an evil more unbearable than any of them could ever imagine. As for the cold, I don’t think I’ve gotten the message through that it is COLD. VERY cold. They probably won’t dress warmly enough. It’s alright. We’ll send them to Cilimen, he’ll supply them with the necessities. And for the evil, these people are our last hope. The evil has hit The Barrier, and it’s cracking even as I write this. Tremors are striking The Tame as a result. Morale is low. If The Barrier breaks, not only will the evil swallow the rest of the good people in the plane, but it will reach the temple, and it will spread like a plague, unhindered and unstoppable, through all of the planes of existence and non-existence. The chosen ones MUST defeat the evil. All hope for existence is lost if they fail.

The Beckoner

day 1
The Camp

Journal Entry 386

Today, I have summoned the heroes to The Temple. As they woke from being unconscious, I had my first look of them as a group. All in all, we have:
-A Dwarven Rogue. quite a lively fellow. don’t quite trust him though…
-A Human Spellcaster. She excels at summoning. Maybe i could learn some things from her.
-A Halfling Rogue. She never says anything, but I have faith she will pull through.
-Another Human Spellcater. I believe this one specializes in necromancy. He hasn’t said anything yet, and I’m not sure he can speak… Perhaps he’s deaf?
-A Human Fighter. He seems to be an ex-animal tamer at a circus. He has a chain. I wonder if he fights with it.
-A human Cleric. He’s not the smartest guy in the world… okay, he’s pretty dumb. but he knows his stuff.
-A Human Monk. He seems to be very calm and collected, but not very good at dealing with people. but he can survive the cold unclothed. That will be useful.
-A Tiefling Ranger. Not the friendliest man. He appears to be a half-devil. I’m not sure why Ermicel would choose him.
-A Quarter-Giant Fighter. He’s an avid cook, and is very… jolly… he’s a good character, though. Irikesh has grown fond of him in the short time i’ve seen them together.
-A Human Paladin. She’s rather stuck up. But she will be useful with her evil-vanquishing powers.

Like I said before, they are quite the rag-tag team… My faith in them has dwindled as I see them get along in their respective ways, but they are our last hope. we don’t have time to grab another group. These men and women will have to do.

The Beckoner

Day 2
The Camp

Journal entry 387

Cilimen’s daughter, Bella was born today. After the feast celebrating her, the heroes departed with Ermicel. All we can do now is wait and hope. I doubt we will hear of them again. I’m going to go to the temple, see if i can find a way to close it at a moments notice.

The Beckoner


I have led the Chosen ones to The Dwarves. Here, they will learn the five-spell brand. they don’t seem very convinced, however. they are suspicious. Personally, I think it’s funny.


They have come out of The Dwarves, and a few of them have not taken the brand… oh well. They will have time to change their minds. we are going back to them after we visit the elves for the Five-spell shards. They are very confused, and they seem to be barely concious. Garmeck is a sadistic fellow… but he wants the evil stopped as much as the next dwarf. Anyway, we will head to the elves in the morning.

Day 3
the elves

I never really cared much for the elves. they’ve made their decision that they are superior to the rest of us, and have secluded themselves. They’ve even tried to make their own forest. it’s rather pitiful looking. they haven’t embraced that this is their home yet. Sadly, they are the enchanters of the five-spell shards, and we need them. Ed-gin the gnome has given the adventurers a selection of shards for their journey. we left as soon as they got the shards. I wanted to spend as little time there as possible. We head for the outside in the morning.



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