Kenji and Benji Daggerfall

identical twin Blackguard assassins. very dangerous.


Human rogue (5) assassin (5) blackguard (5)
Chaotic evil
HP: 74
AC: 21
str: 12, dex: 20, con: 12, int: 18, wis: 10, cha: 18
Base Attack: 11
Grapple: 12

Rapier of Vengeance: 16, 1d62, 18-20 critical, (people srruck by it must make a save of 20 or higher, or be (kenji: frightened, benji: paralyzed) for 1d4 rounds

Fort: +7, Reflex: +14, Will: +3

Feats: imp. sunder, pwr attack, cleave, wpn finesse, combat reflexes, wpn focus (rapier)

other: cloak allows hiding in plain sight.
Boots give +4 to move silently.
Armor is +5 AC, -1 check penalty, 25 lbs, 0% spell failure.


Kenji and Benji Daggerfall are twins.
Nothing is known about them before they were sent to the plane. they killed while they were there, but only people that were deemed unproductive to the betterment of the society, and only for a price. they got some kind of strange pleasure out of it. this frightened the people of the tame and they were banished. Rumor has it that the some agent of evil got a hold of them, and they were corrupted. no one has seen them since.

Kenji and Benji Daggerfall

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