Jimothy Rowles

Human/Storm Giant Fighter


Str 20 Fort 10 HP 100
Dex 8 Reflex 2 AC 13
Con 18 Will 4
Int 10 Base Attack 8
Wis 12 Grapple 18
Cha 16
Meat Cleaver (Two-Handed) atk bonus-13+1 / DMG-1D10+7 / Crit 19/20 X3 (Hacking)
Frying Pans (One-handed)X2 atk bonus-13 / DMG-1D6 / Crit X2 (Bludgeoning)
Fists atk bonus-13 / DMG-1D6 / Crit X2
Leather (light) / AC bonus +2 / Max Dex 6
Giant’s Pendant / AC bonus +2 / +5 HP
Eye Patch / -2 spot / -2 search


Jimothy was born to a large family (no pun intended) his Grandfather was a storm Giant. Born in a mining town his family was viewed as a blessing my many as their strong bodies were great for manual labor around town. Jimothy though never really cared for the work but he knew once he saved enough money he could leave the town and start a real life. Once he saved up enough money buy the age of 25 he set off for a new life quickly learning that not everywhere else is the land is as hospitable as his family. To survive for a few year he picked up work as a mercenary once again his body helping him find work even if he didn’t really want it.He didn’t really care for the killing business but money was money and he needed to survive.
After another successful job he was out celebrating with his comrades and got drunk (quite the accomplishment for someone of his tolerance and size). He woke up outside the town in a horribly hungover state and meandered back into town for some to get some food for his empty stomach. He stumbled into some hole-in-the-wall exotic tavern he’d never seen before finding it only with his sense of smell. As he sat down out of nowhere a Half-Elf came up to him and asked what he like. Jimothy just asked for whatever was tasty. Now Jimothy had always liked food but as the server brought out this steaming pile of meat on rice with a light brown sauce he could tell this was no ordinary meal. He plunged into the meal eating and savoring the flavor like he had done done before each bite was better than the last. He knew that this feeling he wanted again. He asked to speak to the chef a rather short dwarf. He begged him to teach him how to cook like this. From then on out he spent the next 7 year under the dwarf’s tutelage. Afterwards he set out to hunt down the best flavors in the world traveling far and wide with his trusty meat cleaver and a smile ever on his face.
That was 35 years ago and he is still at it finding new recipes and flavor to add to his knowledge.

Jimothy Rowles

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