The Dragon leader of the tame.


Old Silver Dragon
Lawful Good
CR: 20
HP: 375
AC: 35
str: 32, dex: 10, con: 23, int: 22, wis: 24, cha: 22
Base Attack: +28
Grapple: +46

Attack: 36
Bite: +36, 2d8
Claw(x2): 31, 2d65 (x2)
Wing(x2): 36, 1d85 (x2)
Tail Slap: 36, 2d616
Crush: reflex DC 27, 2d8+16

Breath Weapon:
Cone of cold: 16d8
Cone of paralyzing gas: (Fort DC: 27)

Fort: +22, Reflex: +16, Will: +22


Ermicel is a Silver Dragon. He takes much pride in the fact, and it’s because he embraces it that the people love him.
He was the first inhabitant of The Plane of Cold Steel Bars. He was dropped there as a wyrmling, along with another wyrmling. A female silver dragon named Glade. they were nursed and taught by the first human, Gretch. Sadly, and inevitably, Gretch died, as do most friends of Dragons, when they was only a juvenile. He was passed down from generation to generation, until they were able to fend for themselves. They then had a child, Irikesh, and later, a girl, Yalameh. She died during the birthing of Yalameh, however, and Ermicel vowed to watch over the children and the people of the tame. He cannot leave the people, as he is too attached to them, and is fiercely protective of Yalameh, while Irikesh was trained for fighting. He acts like he’s happy, but deep inside, we all know he’s grieving. Glade was an amazing dragon.


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