Hey everyone, and welcome to my campaign: The plane of Cold Steel Bars. I am Alex, and I will be the GM of this journey.

What this is is a mini-campaign, in the fact that I have devised a starting point, an ending point, and all you have to do is get between the two. the campaign is estimated to be around 20 encounters.
The entire journey takes place in a prison plane made by a king during a purge a very, very long time ago. we’re talking about 600 years, here. An evil spire has shown up in what the locals call “The End”, which is the area that is on the other side of the plane, opposing “the tame”, which is where all the men and women who are surviving the spread of evil dwell. Your job is to cross The Badlands, get to The Spire, and stop the evil before it spreads throughout existence.

in other news, if you have not made a character yet, I ask that you do so asap. It’s not required, but it would be nice for people to have a reference to who is in the party. I have the layout of the essentials right here:

[race] [class (level)]
str: , dex: , con: , int: , wis: , cha:
Base Attack:

Weapon: [attack], [dmg], [range], [critical]
Weapon: [attack], [dmg], [range], [critical]

Fort: , Reflex: , Will:



The Plane of Cold Steel Bars

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